pls help me

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pls help me

Post by Rajasekaran » Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:39 am

Today i have downloaded he .net memory profiler and installed it in my pc.I am using .net frame work1.1 for a applicaiton development.I tried to find the memory leak for the application created.(no need to say for, i am able to invoke the EXE from profiler but i dont know how find the memory leak, because profiler always displays "Waiting for profiled process to start" , even after closing the exe. pls tell me what may be the reason for this? I am using profiler version v2.6.92.0.

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Post by Andreas Suurkuusk » Tue Sep 19, 2006 2:31 pm

If the "Waiting for profiled process to start" message never disappears, then the profiler has not been able to connect to the profiled process. This can happen if the .NET Runtime has not been loaded by the process (e.g. no .NET code has been run in a mixed mode application), or the runtime has failed to load the profiler callback dll. The main reason for the runtime to fail to load the profiler callback dll, is that it is not correctly registered. The callback is registered during installation, so I recommend that you try to reinstall the software. It might be a good idea to restart the computer after un-installing the software, before installing it again.

If reinstalling the program doesn't help, it would good if you sent us log-files from the profiler. This will give us additional information that might help us solve your problem.

To create the log files you must supply the "/log" command line argument to the profiler executable (NetMemProfiler.exe). This will create three log-files in the program directory: ProfilerLog.txt, ProfilerClientLog.txt and AssertLog.txt (AssertLog.txt will probably be empty). After you have created the log-files, you can send them to (preferably zipped).
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