Debug with Profiler in VS2010 encounters exception

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Debug with Profiler in VS2010 encounters exception

Post by xinchao » Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:27 am


We have purchased a license of the profiler for a while and we quite enjoyed it. Recently I was using its VS2010-integrated "Debug with Memory Profiler" capability to investigate a memory leak. Our application is a WinForm application using 3.5 runtime. Profiler version is the latest

What happened is the profiler ran successfully for a couple of times, I can pause the execution, step-in, step-out, take a snapshot etc, all good. But after I found the leaking point and fixed the issue, and when I tried debug with profiler again to verify my fix, I have an error saying "An unhandled exceotion of type System.Runtime.Serialization.SerializationExeception occurred in xxxx.nmphost.exe". Sometimes it is another exception related to reflection. A message box poped up asking if I want to "Break" or "Continue". If I break, there is no source code available at the breaking point. If I continue, the application just terminated. I cannot ignore the exception since the "Ignore" button is disabled.

I tried rebuild, problem was not fixed.
I tried start profiler inside vs2010 without debugging, I didnt see the exception message box, however the application just terminated unexpectedly.
I tried launch or debug my application without profiler, everything went well, no exception at all.
I also tried to build a release version of my application and profile it with the standalone profiler, no issue.
I just cannot debug with profiler after my change.

Is there any way to investigate the issue?



Andreas Suurkuusk
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Re: Debug with Profiler in VS2010 encounters exception

Post by Andreas Suurkuusk » Mon Jan 20, 2014 7:51 am

From your description it seems like you are not able to profile the debug build at all, not just when using Debug profiling. Is that correct? Are you seeing the same problem when running using the standalone profiler? If you are, can you create a set of log-files from the profiler so that we can get some more information about this problem?

You can create log-files by using the command line below. This will create a set of log-files in the c:\MemProfilerLogs directory.

"C:\Program Files\SciTech\NetMemProfiler4\NetMemProfiler.exe" /log:c:\MemProfilerLogs

Can you send the log-files to so that we can investigate this further?
Best regards,

Andreas Suurkuusk
SciTech Software AB

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