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Help anybody

Post by PK » Wed Mar 23, 2005 2:50 pm

For the last two days I have been trying to find out why my memory usage increases when using Crystal Reports Cr10. When looking at the real-time list I see that every time I send data to the report viewer the System.String and some other objects keep increasing in size and even when I close down the viewer none of the instances are removed. My live bytes start out at about 245kb when I send the data to the report viewer the memory lines create a stepping view. With the same form being closed and reopened I have got the live bytes to 10mb. It's the same report and the same form. I'm using the Nothing and Dispose where I can but I still cannot release the objects being used. I have only just started using memory profiler and I'm not sure what I am looking at, is it possible that somebody could look at the snapshots I have taken and give any help or has anybody else had this problem.

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Andreas Suurkuusk
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Post by Andreas Suurkuusk » Wed Mar 23, 2005 11:11 pm

To find out why your memory usage increases, you have to select a class which has instances that you believe should have been garbage collected. By looking at the root paths of the class and one or more of its instances, it should be possible to find out why the instances have not been garbage collected.

If you want us to take a look at one of your sessions, you can send a zipped session file to
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Re: Help anybody

Post by NickJemis » Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:14 am

I started using MemProfiler not long ago and I also have some questions about it. Is using of Nothing and Dispose can really help minimize memory usage? I noticed my memory is also encreasing but didn't tie it up with this. I hoped to read more on this topic here or in any other thread. Thank you.

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