aspnet_wp.exe managed/unmanaged ratio

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aspnet_wp.exe managed/unmanaged ratio

Post by n8wrl » Fri Dec 02, 2005 7:05 pm

I recently purchased your tool and it has already helped me immensely. I am still running into a problem with an ASP.NET 1.1 application. I'm in the middle of rearchitecting this (I inherited it) but it essentially consists of several hundred virtual roots, each of which is an ASP.NET application running the exact same code. Under light load (up to, say, 50 apps running), I see very flat memory figures - gen0/1/2/large and privatebytes for aspnet_wp.exe. Response is great and GC% is well below 1 most of the time.

My problem is, as the number of applications goes over 100 or so private bytes starts to grow until IIS eventually recycles aspnet_wp.exe when it exceeds 60% RAM. While this is happening, gen2 is also growing but much much slower. In fact, CLR total bytes in all heaps is about 40% of private bytes. What is a healthy ratio of unmanged to managed memory in ASP.NET?

SQL Server is involved, so I am using Sql* classes. I'm pretty religious about disposing... I've also seen posts here and on google about DataSets leaking DataRows under load? Could you elaborate?

I am in the process of buidling up another box for stress testing with automated client tools to try to reproduce this. On my developmet box using yoru profiler I don't see anything substantial between snapshots.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



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