Profiling with nmpcore.exe

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Profiling with nmpcore.exe

Post by jfkraus » Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:49 pm

When I try to attach to the w3wp.exe process using nmpcore.exe it crashes upon taking a memory dump.

C:\Program Files\SciTech\NetMemProfiler4>NmpCore /a w3wp.exe /cs3 /ac1 /sf "E:\MemoryProfilerSessions\DumpSession1.prfsession"
Extracting temporary profiler files
Starting session
Waiting for profiled process to start.
Profiled process has connected successfully.

Collecting automatic snapshot #1
Performing first GC
Performing second GC
Reporting call stacks
Performing snapshot GC
The operation failed with the following error:
Invalid reentrancy behaviour.
Stopping session
Autosaving session as 'E:\MemoryProfilerSessions\DumpSession1 #20.prfsession'
Saving additional session information
Session saved
Retrieving snapshot data...
Session saved as: E:\MemoryProfilerSessions\DumpSession1 #20.prfsession
Failed to delete temporary NmpCoreReg.exe file

I'm using Windows Server 2003, IIS6, .Net 4.0, .Net Memory Profiler 4.0

Andreas Suurkuusk
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Re: Profiling with nmpcore.exe

Post by Andreas Suurkuusk » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:46 am

Using the log-files you sent to we have identified a problem in the profiler. This problem has now been fixed and hopefully it should avoid the crash you're seeing. Can you download the latest build and see if it works better? It can be downloaded from (or ... -64bit.msi for the 64-bit version).
Best regards,

Andreas Suurkuusk
SciTech Software AB

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